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About Luck Surus.

The urge to create.

Music is a part of life, for some more than others.
Luck Surus [Luxurous] tries to grab the listener through his music
, by melodies that come from the heart.
Ever since he started playing the guitar and noticed that people liked what he did, he finds pleasure in having people listen.
Even though his musical education was mostly classical, Luck Surus never lost sight of other genres, like symphonic rock music (prog), jazz, blues, rock, world music, and the music of the hit lists that played on radio and television. As the youngest of five, each of them with a distinctive musical taste, he came in contact with a wide variety of sounds, ranging from mainstream pop to the deepest underground of the sixties and seventies. You might hear some of these styles in the music on this website.

He has also made a lot of arrangements for guitar, like pop songs and christmas tunes.
Luck Surus played in classical ensembles, in a folkrock band, in a James Taylor Tribute band, in different cover bands, in a band that accompanies a Seaman's Choir (Shanties) and has performed as a solo guitarist with classical music.
Some of his songs were part of the repertoire of these groups.
Lately Luck Surus is usually working as guitar teacher and recording artist in his home studio, based in the Netherlands.

Also he is working as a (classical) composer and has received some prizes for his works.

Much of his music is available through online stores, as well as Youtube, there are no physical releases (yet).

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