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The faces of Luck Surus

Music from the heart

Luck Surus stands for music. Music made at the moment in time with influences from that moment. These influences can be from other music, but also from other occurances. It can be influenced by sounds, by smell, feelings (physical and emotional), even by the taste of things. The music of Luck Surus can be called alternative, rock, singer/songwriter, pop or underground if you like. The instruments you hear are chosen for the song and create a certain atmosphere that fits the lyrics.


In his home studio, based in the Netherlands, Luck Surus composes the music, writes the lyrics, records all music and vocals and takes care of the production of the tracks. Every now and then he askes for the help of (mostly) singers. 

Listen to his music and decide for yourself, as music is very personal and it should be.

Besides creating pop related music, Luck Surus also plays classical guitar, composes for this instrument and also for other (stringed) instruments, like string quartet and quintet. Lately he has also composed some choir works and has won two third prizes and a second prize for his compositions for string ensembles.


Check out his Youtube channel for examples.

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Get in touch

Get in touch with Luck Surus for more info about his music, or other questions you might have.

Thank you !

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