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The ME Global Chronicle has started a series of articles on the songs of Hatched and Re-Hatched.

Read all about the first song Egg Roll here.

"Que trabalho incrível e vocais lindos, adoramos a letra e como vocês criaram ótimos arranjos e uma atmosfera impactante nessa canção.

Realmente adoramos conhecer esse trabalho e melhor ainda, do Brasil."

Music for All (Brasil) on 'Being Pushed' from the album 'Hatched / Re-Hatched Symphonic'

'"Very cool intermingling between the sections. It definitely makes you chill out and want to vibe with it.
Love the orchestral theme as a tribute."

Oghamyst Music on 'Being Pushed' from the album 'Hatched / Re-Hatched Symphonic'

"The melodies of the song are catchy, tuneful and melodic and as a listener I feel interested with it that I want to finished it until the end. The musical instruments I described it to be imaginative, rhythmic and smooth. For me Luck Surus is such a talented, skilful and experienced Artist. He delivers a lovely performance that is full of confidence. On the other hand, the music also has a professional approach to recording and production. Thus, the style is in great demand commercially. Yes, I will add it on my playlist as it will add flavour to it." 

Ron Murx on 'Being Pushed' from the album 'Hatched / Re-Hatched Symphonic'

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