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M.E.Global magazine will pay attention to
Hatched and Re-Hatched
in the upcoming issues.

Read all about it here.

September 2023

Release of new album 'Magnified' and

single 'Liverpool'

May 30th 2023

Hatched / Re-Hatched Symphonic

This symphonic release captures all songs from both Hatched and Re-Hatched in an arrangement for orchestra. Played by the Orchestra di Farfalle and arranged by Luck Surus.

March 9th 2023

Re-Hatched was released, the follow-up for Hatched.

Is now featured on the playlists of ModiFM and CUFM, check below links.

'Fly by' from the album Hatched

Listen now to Hatched on Spotify:

Hatched is the story of Corina Duyn, a patient with M.E.  To read her full story, check out the website She has written the poems which were used for the music on this album. In her creative life she has also made puppets, paintings and other works. Corina Duyn lives in the south of Ireland.

Hatched contains 17 songs, with vocals and mainly classical guitar. All the songs were composed, played and sung by Jeroen Niesten, with the help of Linda van Heerden (vocals and backing vocals). Mixing engineer Dennis Mulder (D-Recording, Amsterdam).

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